Tadeusz Lapinski

Tadeusz Lapinski, born in the Warsaw area of Poland in 1928, received an MFA degree from the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw in 1955. He joined the faculty at the University of Maryland in 1972. Lapinski has held over 150 personal exhibitions throughout the world including one with Joan Miro. He has over 250 works in permanent collections in museums all over the world, in every museum in Washington D.C. including the National Gallery of Art, the White House, Museum of Modern Art in New York, San Francisco Museum of Art, California Palace of Legion of Honor, and the Museum of Modern Art Tokyo, and Tianjin Museum in China. He has had many international one-man exhibitions in the following countries: Brazil, Great Britain, Norway, Holland, Sweden, France, Germany, Austria, China, Taiwan, Canada, Mexico, Venezuela, Puerto Rico, Peru, Uruguay, Chile, Slovenia, Slovakia, Italy, Japan, New Zealand, Australia, Hawaii, Bosnia, Macedonia, Croatia, Spain, Belgium, Switzerland, and Poland. The Kennedy Gallery and Weintraub Gallery in New York City, and Franz Bader Gallery in Washington D.C. have represented him.

Tadeusz Lapinski: Meditating Moon, 1975

Tadeusz Lapinski: Spherical Hypnosis, 1975

Tadeusz Lapinski: Soundless Spheres

Tadeusz Lapinski: Stella, 1973

Tadeusz Lapinski: Two Lonely Spheres, 1975

Tadeusz Lapinski: Alone, 1975

Tadeusz Lapinski: The One, 1975

Tadeusz Lapinski: Three Meditating, 1975

Tadeusz Lapinski: Red Happening, 1975

Tadeusz Lapinski:Skylab, 1975